Joint operations with SG 2

  • Hallo Kameraden Stuka Pilot's from virtual squad SG2, we regularly fly on Ju-87 )
    About today(8.12) evening fly in server DeD, I did not know what target you will be attacked, and because of this I was not able to inform you that the soviet panzer appear after 2 hour after mission begin. But in general , the flight was very interesting. Many Ju-87 are cool !!
    I would like to repeat the joint flight, if you do not mind ) We fly from monday to thursday. From 20-00 to 22-00 from Germany time.
    PS And yet, we can offer a training server with traning target's: artilery position, panzer's, and factory. May conduct joint training. To do this , we only need to agree on a day and time)

  • Guten Tag Wolfert. =)

    Nice you found your way to our little aerodrom. We searched for many minutes to get a spot to the tanks, but if they didn't spawn to the time we were there...we would never found 'em - thanks for the advice. ^^ However, thanks for your offer, too and I am sure we will meet up together again. Our usually training schedule just fills monday 20:00 to 22:00 (GMT+1). But usually you find the one ore other of us in MP on different servers all over the week. The offer you made sounds very interessting and I am sure our staff will consider it. Speaking for myself, looking forward to meet you again and may the rest of your squadron, too. Cheers and horrido!

  • Welcome Wolfert,

    if I remember rightly, I/SG2 was a very effectiv squadron by doing ground strikes at the "Mist of War Server". I agree, big Stuka Formationsflug are very pretty. For me as a fighter Pilot from StG2, it's a pleasere to provide air cover for these Mighty formations.

  • Yes we fly on Mist of War long time from 2011 to may 2014 year) And several times we were able big formation to 15-18 Ju-87.

    By the way i'm talk with admin server DeD and tell him about need add Ju-87 at one more airfield, for the convenience of take-off of a large group. This new added airfield with stuka's is Skvorin. And i tell admin about need translate briefing. Soon it will be done ;)
    About together tranning, I suggest next monday 15.12 20-30 GMT+1.
    And a few words about yestarday together fly, it would be great if Gruppenkommandeure flied slower. Because very difficult catch up with you.

    PS…der-2-immelmann/?p=207221 - this our page on Il-2 BoS forum with screenshot's from our fly on Stukas :)

  • Hello Wolfert,

    welcome to our forum! I transfered your postings into a new thread.

    I didn't even notice you were flying with us on monday... :) It was a nice mission apart from the missing targets. But I think it was Moltke who said: "No battle plan survives the first contact with the enemy." So yes, if you are in contact with the DeD-guys it would be great to stress the importance of an english briefing. Flying into the blue (or white in that case...) every time isn't that fun in the long term.

    About together tranning, I suggest next monday 15.12 20-30 GMT+1.

    We appreciate the offer but I have some concerns that a full-scale training together with another squadron could be too early for us. We are just in the process of gaining our strength again after many "losses" in the last year (Cliffs of Dover...) and some of us have just started to fly BoS recently. Actually we didn't have so many planes in the air like last monday for ages. So individually and as a unit we still have to get used to the game - and since some of us fly only once or twice a week, we are not the fastest... :) 
    Perhaps we'll start it a bit more slowly and do a little "recon" next week (on any other day but monday). We could come with anyone of us who likes to your server, we can fly together a little bit, talk a little bit and we can see how to go further on - perhaps even plan a joint training in detail.
    How about Tuesday the 16th or Thursday the 18th december (20:30 GMT+1 is always fine)?

    Best regards

    P.S.: Nice Screenshots! :thumbup:

  • Hi SG2 Wolfert,

    thanks for your contacting, i really enjoy your idea, would be great to work as a Joint Operation with another squadrons :)

    Im the Squadronleader of the Fighters that cover our Bombers to their targets. More Bomber as an great formation lead would so awesome :)..

  • Hi StG2_Xeus and Dochiq )
    I have to say about me, i'm kommodore I Gruppe SG2, other gruppe in our sqad is empty that is why in fact I'm command all squad's SG2.

    I'm glad that we continue our communication in a separate topic, glad that you 're interested :)

    Tuesday the 16th look good, we will prepare) And if I understand correctly you offer fly on server DeD or any other server? By the way we - SG2 fly in tuesday and thursday, In monday and wednesday - traning. Time when we begin flying always 20-00GMT+1 :) And I would also like to say my squad SG2 covered two gruppe fighters, i'ts squadrons: JG52(only Bf-109) and JG54(Bf-109 or FW-190) Their number is 12 pilot's. That is, in the future we will be able to carry out some very interesting flights :)

    But I think it was Moltke who said: "No battle plan survives the first contact with the enemy."

    It's true)

    And I want to say about targets on server DeD. Today(09_12) We attacked by 1 kette (4 Ju-87 with bombs 1xSC250 + 4xSD70) bridge in the South, i'm add file. This is hard target with 4 flak position, depots and two bridge. 3 Ju87 hit in the target but target is not close! I think it's nice target for big gruppe Ju-87. Soviet fighters always not cover their bridges. Will be sufficient 2-4 fighters in cover our gruppe.

    First screen it's how we fly to target


    Second screen it's target from alitute 3500m


    This and next screen's it's all target and bridges



    I think we can two Stuka gruppen attack this target) Before this we can discuss about our formation in-flight, and divided target between the Kette's, and in the next Tuesday-16.12 nice fly and destroy this target) What do you think ?

  • Hello again,

    Tuesday the 16th look good, we will prepare) And if I understand correctly you offer fly on server DeD or any other server?

    We can fly on any server. You wrote something about a training server you have access to? Or did you mean the DeD?
    Shall we come to your Teamspeak? You will have to give us the informations about it, so we are able to connect.

    Best regards,

  • I'm write about tranning on highlighted server DeD(named DeD-polygon) with password. I know password for this server, and i talk with server admin he create targets for dive and horizontal bombing.
    I think we should meet in your TS and talk.If you can, we can meet today, or on Sunday at 19-00 GMT+1 time. If you can't today or Sunday then we can meet on thusday 20-30GMT+1

  • I was waiting for you to 19-30GMT+1. I see you did not answer for my post and i went to fly with my guys, because I didn't know if I need to wait you. Ok, i think I see you next time. Can you come to TS in Sunday 14.12 after 19-00GMT+1??
    And i think i have free time in saturday during the day. Write please when you can come to TS during saturday or Sunday.

  • Won't be there. I am at a Christmas Market today.

  • [Just a little reminder for our men]

    Denkt dran, morgen um 20:00 Uhr auf dem TS-Server vom SG 2 (Daten im internen Forum). Alternativ ein paar Minuten vorher bei uns im TS zum gemeinsamen Rübergehen. Wäre schön, wenn ein paar Leute zusammenkämen!

  • I recorded track where I destroy panzer T-34 on Ju-87G. Usually need fewer shots to destroy Pz. T-34 but when i recorded this track i drink beer))) Other T-34 destroy like this. Panzer T -70 destroy usually one shot. Panzer KV-85 hard target. He need many shot. 1 Ju-87G destroy max pz 3 KV-85 if shot in engine, if shot in board destroy max 2 KV-85. Pz T-34 easy target, and nice destrtoy when shot in board: 3-4 shot enough.

    Link to the track: click on "скачать всё" this means "download all". This URL active only next 6 days.

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