Joint operations with SG 2

  • - look this guy. He shoot down all you'r stukas. It's russian pilot. Remember when you see on TAW this 4 guy's:
    This 4 russians sit in TS and flyght together. They flight wery wery low, near to trees, to hunt and attacking bombers and fighters near to target or over target or near to you'r home(luftwaffe i mean) airfield - it is their handwriting. They many times attacking my stukas on DED Server and they wery danger.
    Between dive on target fly forward on Bf-109 look up and look down low hight over target 100-300m they can wait when you dive and attacking you'r planes on low hight.
    If home airfield sometimes under attack look low hight on Bf-109 around airfield they can wait when you'r bomber's take off and after that attacking.

  • Look this video, it's when you'r gruppe with 4x Ju-87 has been shot down near to target in monday. You been attacket this guys about i'm write yestarday:

    They posted on youtube sometimes video when they together succesfuly flight. Late wideo about shot down you'r gruppe:(
    I think it's help for you'r fighters on next flight's :)

  • And late what can help to you,russians like use IL-2 like fighter(cover red target or red schlachtfliger) this tradition begin from IL-2 FB... On TAW IL-2 unlimited and it's bad. Better fly again LaGG-3 than IL-2 with 15% fuel.
    look, this video from TAW too, 1x IL-2 cover another 3 IL-2 and shoot down 2 Bf-109 and 1 FW-190 (sound better muted it distracts)

  • Fighting Legends, as usual.

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  • Amazing gun cam video from IL-2 FB !

    Changes on DED-Expert Server: every day player personal garage with 3x planes is restore. If you loose all 3 you'r planes on next day they auto restore.

  • Guys answer please why you not fly on DED Expert(when TAW is not work). What the problem ?

    I can only speak for myself, I've currently a lot of other stuff to do so I can't fly as much as I want. But when I fly, I fly either on Fighting Legends (Monday Evening with the other guys) or I take the Wings of Liberty Server, I don't understand why everybody is hating that server so much. For flying and getting Combat Experiance, its more than sufficient, even tho it lacks proper Missiondesign and a Campaign.

  • I have no preferences to any server, but I almost only fly on mondays when we either fly TAW, Fighting Legends or WoL. I guess DED dropped from our Radar, so to speak.

    There is no particular reason not to fly on DED once in a while, but since many of us don't fly that much apart from monday and/or TAW, there is just not much flying going on at other servers... I guess it's as simple as that.

    Perhaps it gets better in winter. We had one of the hottest summers until last week, that's not the time to sit in front of the computer... ;)

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  • DED Expert will hard for western pilot's becouse on this server personal garage with 3 planes and many pilot's not understand how refill personal garage after all planes is lost. But now garage auto refill every day. You can free flyght 1 day per week and not think about refill you'r planes.

  • Hi Wolfert,

    I am aware, that Juuti isn't capable to fly at the moment due personal reasons. However, speaking for me, if I can finish of my work tomorrow accordingly well, I should be able to be at home not too late and give DED a try. I didn't flew for a long time now, but some ideas were really pretty, like reacon missions and stuff.

    Wich is the DED connection adress?

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